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FirstCFO provides visionary financial services to startup founders

We work with world-class founders to provide the financial expertise and flexibility needed to grow your business. To achieve rapid growth, invest your time in product development, sales and marketing. Let us collaborate with these functions to handle your finances so you don't have to.


What we do

FirstCFO delivers financial services to technology startups in diverse industries from HR-tech to healthtech in both SaaS and hardware solutions. We also support companies in the technology ecosystem such as family offices, venture capital firms and socially focused businesses who have similar needs as they scale operations. 


Bookkeeping with scaleable online tools and/or supporting your existing team to empower financial systems and investor ready reporting.

Financial Management

Helping leadership gain deep insights into financial information, processes and controls to safeguard assets and deliver stakeholder expectations.

Operational Finances

Supporting day-to-day finance activities including payroll and equity-tracking and tax compliance.

Get Ready to Raise

Collaborate with Founders and Executive Leadership to raise capital and remain investor ready through ongoing measurement of value creation.

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Intake Request

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